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MISOM Technology’s Field Analysis and Reporting Application is the most affordable, feature rich, and innovative fleet and personnel management system in the industry.


It’s About Affordable Production & Safety Management


Low-cost tablet, beacon, mobile-app based fleet and personnel management system. Innovative, feature-rich, yet affordable.


Digitize paper forms for immediate input into DB, enrich with GPS sensors, beacon, camera, etc…


Efficiently track and manage production, easily and automatically.


Production management for both underground & surface.

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Low-Cost Features

  • Low-cost high quality hardware

  • Military-spec hardned cases

  • Multitude of IoT, i.e. Beacons

  • Adaptive from-end user interface

  • Cloud or local server options

  • Amazing rapid deployment

  • No wireless network required

Origins of FARA

MISOM Technologies founders describe the origins of the Field Analysis and Reporting Application (FARA) and the future of innovation in production technology.  MISOM was acquired by MST in November 2017

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Production Management

  • Any worktype, any machine

  • Automatically detects sequences and cycles

  • Create & manage regions in the field through touch

  • Trigger-based pop-up forms

  • Tracking for machines, people, materials

  • In-app motivational gamified feedback

Digital Forms

  • Digitize supervisor & operator forms, e.g. preop checklist

  • Media-enriched forms for more effective workflows, e.g. PM planners

  • Immediate direct availability in reports & spreadsheets

  • Start on tablet, finish on desktop

  • Gamified to ensure follow-through

  • Integration with 3rd party data to supplement, i.e. plant or maintenance events

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Example Regulatory Form

Overview of a common U.S. regulatory form requiring signatures, showing the different features both on the tablet and desktop, no audio.

Business Intelligence

  • Open back-end database

  • Available live in excel

  • Free Dashboarding app

  • Web, PDF, emailed or on-demand reports

  • All historical OLAP cube data in Excel

  • Amazing visuals through PowerBI

  • Free data mining, dashboarding, reporting, data mining tools

  • Adaptive web visualizations from multi-screen control room to tiny smartphone

  • Powerful motivation tools through gamified feedback in real-time and post-shift scorecards

  1. FARA IS
  2. Webpage
  3. Interactive Dashboards
  4. PowerBI
  • Link plant data into FARA

  • Operator's own career tracking

  • Free touch-friendly dashboard tool viewable through free app or on web.

  • Amazing visuals for deep analytics

Features & Benefits

A small sample set of the many features and benefits of the FARA solution.

Cycle Tracking

Configure the system to track productive cycles for any process including options such as material type.


GPS or Beacon-based triggers avoid much of the need for operator input.

Time Usage

Track operator's and machine's time throughout the shift.

Event Tracking

Easily log statuses, such as delays, activities, downs, region entrance & exits, etc...

Exception Alerts

Trigger events such as the need to input a down or delay when immobile

Grade Control

Tightly managing ore blends by accurate location tracking

Signature Capture

Include the need for signatures and initials on all regulatory forms or visitor sign-ins.


Link drop-down lists and forms to tables in a database for always up-to-date forms.


Automate form workflows to ensure audits and investigations have follow-through promptly and thoroughly.

No more clerks

Eliminate the need to re-enter data from paper to multiple data systems by having form data dumped directly into reports & analytics

3rd Party Data

Synchronize with integrated 3rd party data such as work orders from a CMMS or machine health alarms to process events.

Camera, Audio dictation...

Use the features of all tablets such as camera, GPS, dictation, etc...

Underground & Indoor

Indoor and underground position tracking using BLE beacons.

Proximity Monitoring

BLE-based proximity monitoring between machine-mounted tablets and wearable beacons.

Materials Tracking

Underground materials tracking and management through BLE beacons.


User-friendly field-based region management.

Location Tracking

Continuously track location, region entries, ore boundaries...

Mil-spec Hardware Case

Tablet cases that have military specifications ensuring long hardware life.


A Fraction of the cost of current-gen technology.

LTE, Wi-Fi, Blu

All the wireless communications available in standard tablets.


Easily installed, and detachable ideal for completing pre-shift inspections or use in contractor machines.


Common MS SQL server open-schema reporting database

Browser-Based Setup

User a browser to set-up the system access reports, etc...


Can be optionally hosted in the cloud, on a private server, or hosted by MISOM.


Frontline supervise can track machines, people, and his/her movements.


Free upgrades, low-initial cost.

Business Intelligence

Responsive web visualizations, dashboards, and visualizations.

MS Excel

All data available live in excel for ad-hoc analysis and self-service BI.

Adictive Motivation

Operator-centric gamification engine to maximize overall performance.

Custom Dispatch

Custom programmable dispatch and triggering system through web interface.

Quantitative Benefits

Fleet management systems (FMS) have been used in mining since the late 1980s.  The benefits of using FMS is well known in mining, now, leveraging deep FMS experience, modern mobile computing and the Internet of Things, these base capabilities, and many other features, can be delivered to underground mines and small to medium sized mines by offering a low-cost easy-to-use option.

% Reduction in Shift Change Time

One of the most common consistent improvements, tracking machines and personnel results in immediate reductions if shift change when coupled with a scorecard (gamification.

% Improvement in Productivty

Eliminate unproductive time such as queue and hangtime as well as operational delays through more accurate accounting of time and activities.

% Elimination of Data Entry Clerks

Digital forms eliminates the need to have clerks or worse, supervisory or technical staff, enter data from paper into computer systems through digital forms allowing them to focus on using the info.

% the cost compared to current-gen tech

Using high-quality commercial off the shelf tablets, military-specification cases, LTE and other communication mechanisms, and IoT, MISOM can deliver a feature-packed FMS at a fraction of the cost compared to current technology.

What Makes FARA Unique?
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The practical use of IoT for low-cost innovation in:

  • Underground materials, people, and machine tracking

  • Proximity alerts

  • Virtual backup alarm

  • Location-based smart forms

  • Indoor tracking

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Low-cost sensors

Low-cost-low-power, often wireless sensors that use mobile devices as brains & bridge to the cloud or remote server.

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IoT beacons that sense proximity and  range up to 150 m for equipment-to-human proximity, materials tracking, etc…

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Underground Tracking

Nearables are a next-gen means of tracking people, assets, and materials underground or indoors.

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Changing Rapidly

New innovations on the horizon: mini LTE towers, machine health,  high-precision GPS, smart PPE, etc…

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Gamification for greater engagement and performance:

  • Scorecards at the management level

  • Real-time in-shift personal & team score feedback

  • Scoreboards and personal performance history at operator level

  • Gaming engine can incorporate any data

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Frequent operator feedback on performance through tablets creates an engaging work experience.

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Shared scoreboards with ‘team’, i.e. crew, creates a positively competitive culture

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Affirmation Opportunities

Through quantitative timely monitoring, supervisors and peers can extend positive affirmation on performance

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New Workforce

Incoming generating of employees expect an engaging work experience

FARA Senior Team

The MST team has deep experience with maximizing the value of fleet management systems (FMS), practical applied innovation, and deploying mobile equipment-based tracking systems.

Dr. Sean Dessureault

Chief Innovation Evangelist (CIE) at MST

A recognized expert in mining automation, optimization through effective application of data, and innovation, Dr. Dessureault founded MISOM Technologies to help companies maximize the value of their current technology as a pathway to increasing technological capabilities.

Also holds an appointment at the University of Arizona undertook applied research in data mining.


Video profile when awarded Medal of Merit by the American Mining Hall of Fame.


Speech at Centre of Excellence in Mining Innovation (skip the first 5 minutes)

Better Together: How MST delivers superior service & support...

MISOM focuses on delivering value.  Rather than focusing on selling overpriced hardware, MISOM’s FARA uses robust yet low-cost hardware, and maximizes information delivery.

We are building a network of top production management consulting companies that can deliver FARA then help teach companies to maximize the benefits of FARA, delivering long-term sustainable results to maximize safety and productivity.  All of these companies have industry experts with deep experience delivering value from fleet management systems.

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Why MST's Analytics Team?

Deep experience and thorough applied research has taught us what to do, and what not to do… We now apply these philosophies to ensure the solutions are successful over the long-term.

We Know Mining

MISOM has real practical experience with mine planning, and data-driven mining and mineral processing technologies.  Mining is a hybrid of several other industrial sectors: construction, manufacturing, and processing.

3Ps: People Process Platform

MISOM takes a holistic approach.  Successful technology solutions consider PEOPLE (skills, culture, motivations), PROCESSES (workflows), and the Technology PLATFORM.

Business Intelligence Hierarchy

MISOM knows the difference between a dashboard, scoreboard, status-board, scorecard, reports, and analytics.  Knowing this difference is key to a successful business intelligence system.

Turn Data into Action

Data: solidifying data sources through nomenclature. Information: integrating and contextualizing data. Knowledge: applying innovative and existing proven concepts like 6s using information.  Action: reengineering and reinforcing change.

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Data & Tech ROI

MISOM Maximizes the value of existing data & technology investments.

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Long-term gains

Benefits of consulting engagements are sustained in the long-term.

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Addictive engaging operator & supervisor performance management.

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Remote Monitoring

Proactive improvement opportunity detection.

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Form Digitization

Replace paper forms with digital app.

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Always Innovating

Global leadership in Internet of Things, simulation, data analytics in mining.

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